As I was sitting in class at Emory University, never did I imagine that I was preparing for a career of a life-time as co-owner of Marks Air, Inc. with my high school sweetheart! After a brief stint at the Center for Disease Control as a research chemist, this Tampa native was ready to leave the cold winters of Atlanta, and head back "home" with Gordon to help open Marks Air. I have worked in the office at Marks Air along with Gordon doing most anything that needed to be done including the bookkeeping.

Together we have raised 5 outstanding daughters all of whom spent some time working in the business, and now we are enjoying our 10 grandchildren and numerous grand-dogs in addition to our own dog, Weezie, the Marks Air mascot. I spend my free time gardening and cooking, but most enjoy spending time with family. As an only child I always wanted a big family, and now I have been so blessed to have that big family!!!

I am Adam and I have been doing a/c repair for the last 17 years.  I enjoy it so much that I think of it as fun, not work.  

I like to keep it cool.  I enjoy going to the beach, fishing, and watching women's beach volleyball.  I also enjoy trying different restaurants, cooking, and grilling.

​​Otto Aliffi

Judy Marks

 I have been working in the automotive parts business since I began working as a warehouse puller and stock person in 1982.  At the time I was also wrestling professionally 4-5 nights a week and on weekends. Throughout the next several years, I worked in many different positions in the automotive industry including operations manager.

In March of 1993 I came to work for Marks Air and have been putting up with Gordon (and he with me) ever since.

My hobbies include fishing, shooting, complaining, being different, stirring the pot, and more work.

 My function is to be the bridge between our customers and their needs. We strive to make your job as easy as possible.

I live in Plant City with my wife, Pat and our pets. I love playing golf and being outside spending time my family.  my friends tell me I also love to talk!

I have been happily married for 35 years to an amazing lady named Linda. We have 2 wonderful children, Kerry and Jimmy. I enjoy playing golf, going to the beach and nature. 

Some people think that I just might be a Disney freak. I love everything Disney and I try to go as much as possible, which for me is not enough.

 The thing I like most about working at Marks Air is the honesty and integrity that we try to provide for each and every customer. We strive every day to make sure that every customer is treated the way that we would want to be treated. I have been in the automotive a/c industry for 32 years. Our customers know that we will always keep up with the changes that occur in the auto a/c industry, and we will be happy to pass that knowledge on to them as needed.

Caroline Acebedo


The Marks Family

I’m a six year US Navy Veteran, serving four years in Kings Bay, GA and two years in Guam. After the military, I traveled with a professional racing team in the NHRA circuit across the United States, working on motorcycles for six years. In that time, we qualified at #1 eight times and won five national events. When I’m not working, you can find me playing golf.

Chip Ward

I am a co-owner and the Vice President of Marks Air, Inc.  I have been a full-time member of the Marks Air team for over 18 years but, have been around the family-owned air conditioning business since I was in a playpen.  I am currently a member of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society's board of directors.  I am the middle of Judy and Gordon's 5 daughters.  Being the middle child means I still get blamed for EVERYTHING!

I'm a runner, soccer mom, and book worm who loves my job, having fun, and motivating others.

I am a  Star Wars nerd, who loves the Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, A Tribe Called Quest,  the beach, good wine, good conversation, laughing, smiling, Jesus, and spending time with my two wonderful daughters.

Steve Miller

I am Chip, the newest addition to the Marks Air team.  I have lived in Tampa my whole life. After high school I promptly attended Erwin Vo Tech where I learned the skills I use everyday.  I was happy to begin working at Marks Air immediately after graduating.  I love the challenge of working on such a wide variety of vehicle types.

Buddy Ward

Adam Barajas

Jim Garner

Andrew Schulz

Weezie, a standard poodle belonging to Judy & Gordon, is the Marks Air parts dog. She likes to greet all of the customers who come to the parts counter. She barks at us if she thinks we aren’t waiting on the customers promptly. She’s also the alarm to let us know when UPS and FedEx deliveries are arriving. She can hear their trucks from far away.

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I have always been a “hands on” kind of person, fixing and building things from the time I was 7 or 8 years old. First it was bicycles, then go carts, later a Model A and more.
I attended Tampa schools including Plant High School after moving here from Knoxville. Spending too much time working on my hobby (cars) got me a ticket to Riverside Military Academy where I graduated from high school. Then I was off to Georgia Tech majoring in mechanical engineering and later graduating from Georgia State with a degree in statistics and computer science. While attending college in Atlanta, I worked in a vehicle A/C repair shop and found something I really liked which satisfied my love of “fixing” things. After graduating from college my wife and I headed back home to Tampa with our daughters, and that’s how Marks Air all began some 45+ years ago.

Weezie Marks

Gordon Marks


Toll Free 800-521-9854

8214 Bowles Rd.

Tampa, FL 33637

I am 41, a Pisces, and a Tampa Native.  I like walks on the beach, pizza, green tea, skateboarding, and H.P Lovecraft.   My dislikes are long lines,

2008 Nissan Altimas, anything Kardashian, and mustard.

Favorite quote: "Life's a garden, dig it!"